GLTron More Open Source Light Cycles

After giving ArmagetronAD so much attention it only seemed fair to write up something about GLTron. GLTron and ArmagetronAD seem to be the two most prominate free/open source light cycle games out there.

GLTron offers a lot that ArmegetronAD doesn’t most notably in the graphics department. GLTron’s UI and menu systems look a hell of a lot better than Armagetron’s. They are also much more easy to use than Armagetron.

The in-game graphics surpass Armegetron’s by a mile. The light cycles themselves as well as the look immensley better as does the maps. The added music and sound effects add to the effect and stay true to the Tron movie.

What GLTron is lacking is online play, which makes Armegetron so appealing. With no online play you are locked into playing with AI. Which is fine for awhile. But my problem with this is that there was no way (that I could tell) to specify how many bots you wanted to play against. On Armegetron when playing with the AI, I would find it fun to step up the number of bots to 8 or 9 on an incredibly small grid. From what I can tell you dont have these options with GLTron.

Overall, GLTron is worth a look, especially if you dont plan to play online, as the offline play is significantly better than Armegetron’s offline play.

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