EF Voice Actors: Who is Biessman Anyway?

When you’re playing a video game you tend not to think too much about the voices you hear in the game. Elite Force was a game that had the good fortune of being graced with the voices of many famous and some not so famous actors from the Star Trek TV series. They even managed to round up Jeri Ryan to replace the voice actress who was doing the 7 of 9 voice overs in time for the final patch.

One of the more memorable characters of Elite Force is Crewman Rick Biessman, particularly if you like to play a heavy on specialties. His macho quotes like “That’s All You Got?!?!” stand out immediately in the game.

Unlike most of the voice actors in Elite Force the voice actor who plays Biessman doesn’t have a history of being in any Star Trek TV shows like Chell or Even ‘Telsia’ (Iris Bahr) who had a few spots in the Voyager series on television.

Who is Rick Biessman? Where did this guy come from?

The voice you hear in game is that of Thomas F. Wilson. Name sound familiar? It should, while he hasn’t been in any Star Trek aside from Elite Force, he has a quite distinguished history in TV and Movies.

He first appeared in a minor role in the TV Show Knight Rider back in 1984 in a well remembered episode called ‘A Knight in Shining Armor’. That same year he appeared in the Facts of Life as Moose.

His real breakthrough role was the role of Biff Tannen in the movie Back to the Future (1985). When Back to the Future became a trilogy, he was naturally asked to perform in these sequels again as Biff’s grandson Griff and Biff’s great-grandfather Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen.

He later went to co-star in a CD-ROM computer game with Mark Hamill titled: Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (1994). It was the third chapter in the Wing Commander series and it was extremely popular at the time. The game character played by Wilson is Major Todd “Maniac” Marshall, Much like Biff from Back to the Future “Maniac” Marshall shares a very common unpopularity.

Aside from movies and games he’s also done work in cartoons most recently he has provided many voices on SpongeBob: Flats, the flounder, Reg, the bouncer at The Salty Spitoon, Patrick’s real dad and fake dad, the Tattletale Strangler, and Victor, the bane of every bubble blowing baby in the bar, among others.

When he’s not acting, you can catch him doing comedy.

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Tom Wilson’s Homepage:

Putting some faces to some other notable voices in EF:

Crewman Austin Chang Voiced by Alexander Endberg had a re-occurring role in the Voyager series as Vorik.

Derek McGrath played Chell in EF and was featured as Chell in two episodes of Voyager.

Michael McFall voiced Lieutenant Les Foster as well as a Hirogen and a Klingon in Elite Force. Michael also was a male nurse in the army hospital in the movie Forest Gump.

Everyone’s favorite Alexander Munro was voiced By Rino Ramano in both EF1 and 2, has been in a lot of video games and several not so popular TV series.

Crewman Telsia Murphy was voiced by Iris Bahr in both EF games. Iris had background part as a crewman in 1 episode of voyager and has starred in various TV shows such as The Drew Cary Show.

Crewman Mitch Cstalos In EF was voiced by Kirk Baily who appeared in the 2 part Star Trek Voyager episode Dark Frontier 1 & 2.

Joshua Fardon voices Nelson in EF. Here’s what he looks like:

excerpts taken from wikipedia

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