Elite Force Ultimate Mod Guide

Many Elite Force players specialize in one particular game-type or mod. Most people do not know the ins and outs of every mod out there. Below you will find a description and other useful information on the various game types.

• Free For All
• Specialties
• Disintigration
• Action Hero
• Gladiator Arena
• Assimilation
• Elimination
• Super FFA
• Freeze

Free For All

As the title implies this is every person for themselves. The objective is to get the most kills within a certain time limit or reach a certain number of points first. This is also known as deathmatch or holomatch.


Specialties is a mod that is typically played with Capture The Flag. This is a mod where each player can choose what ‘class’ they want. Each class offers specific advantages as well as disadvantages.

Here is a description of each player class for Specialties Multiplayer Mode:

Specialty Limitations:
– The Sniper is the only Specialty that can use the “Zoom” feature.
– The Infiltrator is the only Specialty that can pick up the “Anti-Gravity Pack” powerup.
– The Medic is the only Specialty that can pick up the “Metaphasic Shielding” powerup.
– The Heavy Weapons Specialist is the only Specialty that can pick up the “Quantum Weapon Enhancer” powerup.

– Uses the “Munro” model.
– Starts with the phaser.
– Can jump twice as high as normal players.
– Can control their movement through air better.
– Doesn’t take falling damage.
– Their max health is 50.
– Starts with no armor.
– Starts with one Personal Transporter Device in his inventory.
– Is permanently Temporally Accelerated.
– Is thrown farther by damage knockback.
– The Infiltrator is the only Specialty that can pick up the “Anti-Gravity Pack” powerup.

– Uses the “Jurot” model.
– Starts with 75 armor.
– Starts with one medkit in her inventory.
– Starts with a milder form of regeneration
– The Medic will regenerate one point of health per second.
– Starts with a phaser and a hypo, which has a very short range.
– Hypo (weapon 2) primary fire – heals 10 points of health a second as you use it on someone.
– Hypo (weapon 2) alt-fire will knock out whomever you use it on (counts as an instant kill).
– Once per life, the Medic can give Nano-Regeneration to another player on their team. While standing next to them and facing them, hit the “use object” key and they will gain regeneration for 60 seconds. This regeneration, like the Medic’s, restores one point of health per second.
– A Medic can always see the health of other players as long as crosshair drawing is on and crosshair name drawing is on.
– The Medic is the only Specialty that can pick up the “Metaphasic Shielding” powerup.

– Uses the “Chell” model.
– Starts with 50 armor.
– Starts with one Portable Force Field in his inventory.
– Starts with a Seeker Drone.
– The Technician starts with the phaser and the Arc Welder. The alt-fire of the Arc Welder is disabled in Specialties mode.
– Technicians can see through Personal Cloaking Devices.
– Technicians see Holographic Decoys as wireframe grids.
– Technicians cannot drown.
– Once per life, the Tech can: Give Personal Cloaking to another player on their team. While standing next to them and facing them, hit the “use object” key and they will gain Cloaking for 30 seconds. Enemy Technicians can see through this cloak, however. OR: – Place an ammo station in the map by hitting the “use object” key on a wall or other surface (provided there is enough room to place one). This ammo station is usable by only your team (the red team ammo station has yellow and red energy highlights, the blue team’s has blue and white highlights). It can be blown up by members of the enemy team. It can dispense up to 1000 units of ammo. Using it (hit the “use object” key on it) will recharge all weapons the player is currently holding.
– At any time, any teammate can walk up to a Technician and hit their “use object” key to give themselves full ammo.
– A Technician can use enemy consoles and buttons (if there are any in the map).
– A Technician can walk through enemy Portable Force Fields.

– Uses the “Chang” model.
– Starts with the Scavenger Rifle and Grenade Launcher.
– The alt-fire of the Grenade Launcher fires straight and places laser tripwire explosives instead of gravity-effected proximity mines as in normal HM. The color of the tripwire will match the Demolitionist’s team color. The Demolitionist can only place 10 tripwires at a time. Placing an 11th will remove the oldest tripwire on the map.
– Detpack appears in demolitionist’s inventory ten (10) seconds after he spawns into the map.
– Starts with 50 armor.
– Starts with one Ultritium Explosive Charge in his inventory. HEAVY WEAPONS
– Uses the “Biessman” model.
– Their max health is 200.
– They move slower than regular players.
– Start with 100 armor.
– They start with the Tetryon Disruptor and the Photon Burst.
– They are thrown less by damage knockback.
– The Heavy Weapons Specialist is the only Specialty that can pick up the “Quantum Weapon Enhancer” powerup.

– Uses the “Telsia” model.
– Starts with the Compression Rifle and the I-Mod.
– Starts with 25 armor.
– Starts with one Holographic Decoy in her inventory.
– The Sniper is the only Specialty that can use the “zoom” feature.


Each player is armed with a Compression Rifle. One hit from this powerful weapon will disintegrate you or your enemies.

Action Hero

In this mode, one player starts with all the weapons, full ammo and the ability to regenerate. The player who kills the Action Hero gets 5 frags (as opposed to the usual 1) for the kill and then respawns as the new Action Hero. The Action Hero’s max health is 300.

Gladiator Arena

Gladiator Arena is a Last-Man-Standing game with a fast gameplay, higly modifiable. It comes with a match mode, where the summary of the score over a given amount of rounds declares the winner.
Last-Man-Standing means: Every player has only one life. The goal is to survive all the other players.
Gladiator Arena brings like the name says the Gladiator flavour to this type of game: Every player gets one weapon, by which he can defeat himself – or be hunted, because other players want that weapon to have more chances to survive! B-)

The gameplay is increased, the weapons act faster – but this don’t mean you gonna be fragged easier: The firepower is connected to the amount of players active in the arena. The more are playing the less power has a shot. So always have a look on how many players are alive and how good your health is…

And – like in a real Gladiator Arena – the bodies of fragged players don’t disappear… 😉

Gladiator Arena allowes not only single Gladiators to test their skills in an arena. In Team Deathmatch you and your team stand against your opponent team to be the surviving team at last! For that you have to frag all members of the opponent team.

To make the game more interesting new weapons are manufactured for the Gladiator’s fight:

•Killing Forcefield
•Seeker powerup shooting homing missiles
•Borg Weapons (known from Assimilation)
•Tripwired Grenades (known from Specialities)
•While the game you get computer messages about placed Detpacks and Forcefields and how many players are active in the game. So you’re always up-to-date to make your best strategic moves to be victorious at last!

Gladiator Arena does not support Assimilation, Action-Hero and Specialties. CTF and 1v1 is also not supported.

Instagib is supported, no XP needed to join the server.

Gladiator Arena can handle all maps of the Single Player mode! NPC spawn points are converted to regular DM spawn points, all doors are unlocked and forcefields are off. If a spawn point did cut off a player from the rest, a emergency transporter is available to escape the dead map spot.

It is no problem to host games with players above the usual limit of 12 to 16 players on a regular deathmatch map. With Gladiator Arena you get up to 32 players at one time in a map.

Also as a little bonus with Gladiator Arena you can use many custom maps of Quake 3 (Team) Arena. Therefor the Q3 pickups in these maps are converted to EF items. To find out more about Q3 maps that can also be used with EF visit http://q32ef.fragland.net

Gladiator Arena is a complete server side modification. You can run a server and players can connect without having this mod installed!


Assimilation is a team-based game mode in which one side plays as the Borg and must try to assimilate the opposing side. Assimilated players respawn as Borg, but the underdogs can still win the day if they manage to bring down the Borg queen–whose role is randomly assigned to one of the Borg players. The Borg play differently from regular characters–they move more slowly, have a teleport ability, and are limited to a couple of basic attacks. This mode lends itself to pitched battles, so it can be quite fun.

Please Note: Bots do not understand the team goals of Assimilation. Use of bots with this game type is not recommended or officially supported by the game. When a player is assimilated, they will respawn as a Borg. Their new Borg model will attempt to match the character (Seven, Janeway, Tuvok and Torres all have specific Borg skins) or at least the sex of the assimilated player’s original model. In Assimilation, the players on the Borg team will be forced to use a Borg model. The players not on the Borg team will be forced to use non-Borg models. When the “No Join Time Out” is set (on the “Advanced” Server Options menu), new players connecting to the game will be forced to join as a Spectator once this time limit has run out OR once the first assimilation occurs (whichever comes first).

The Borg Drones:
– The Borg spawn with 100 armor.
– The Borg will collectively adapt to any weapon after being hit with it a total of 10 times. Once they adapt to a weapon, further hits from the weapon will be stopped by a green shield. The only weapon they cannot adapt to is the I-Mod.
– The Borg cannot pick up any items or weapons.
– The Borg move slower than normal players.
– Borg weapons auto-recharge, like the phaser.
– The Borg start with a site-to-site transporter ability. When they hit their “use inventory” key, they will enter subspace and be able to “fly” around for a fixed amount of time. They are invisible and intangible during this time. When they hit their “use inventory” key again (or if the timelimit on this “subspace travel” mode expires), they will reappear wherever they are currently at. They will not be able to use their site-to-site transport ability again for 15 seconds (the Borg Queen must wait 60 seconds).
– The Borg start with two weapons: the Assimilator and the Borg Weapon.
– The Assimilator (weapon 1) primary and alt-fire both will drain an enemy of health until they reach zero. While being assimilated, a player will move slower than normal (the same speed as the Borg themselves). If they are killed by the Assimilator weapon, they have been assimilated and will join the Borg team when they respawn.
– The Borg Weapon (weapon 2) primary fire fires a single, medium-speed energy projectile. Killing with this weapon does not assimilate the enemy.
– The Borg Weapon (weapon 2) alt-fire is a taser that has medium range and fires straight forward. Killing with this weapon does not assimilate the enemy.

The Borg Queen:
The Borg Queen is identical to the Borg drones with the following exceptions: – The Borg Queen is forced to use the Borg Queen Player Model and is the only Borg who can do so.
– The Borg Queen constantly regenerates health (at normal regeneration rates).
– The Borg Queen must wait 60 seconds between usages of the site-to-site transporter.
– The Borg Queen starts with only the Assimilator as a weapon and her assimilation range is slightly less than a normal drone. However, she can assimilate an enemy instantly.
– The Borg Queen will be identifiable as the player with a red Borg symbol over her head. This icon will also appear next to her head on the scoreboard.


Elimination is a gladiator style ‘Last Man Standing’ Free For All Game.

Once Eliminated, a red “X” will be drawn over the player’s head on the scoreboard and they will be able to fly around the map and watch the action. While this resembles Spectator Mode, it is *not* Spectator mode and you cannot use the “Follow Camera” in this mode. Hitting the fire button in Eliminated Mode will snap you to the next player’s position and angles, but you will remain in “free-flight” mode. New players connecting to the game will be forced to join as a Spectator once this time limit has run out OR once the first elimination occurs (whichever comes first).

Super FFA

Super FFA is a modification created for FFA (see here). Objectives are the same however some of the powerups and weapons have been modified.

• Forcefields kill upon touching them (known from gladiator)

NOTE: The Gold Armor powerup wont save you from the force fields.

• Compression Rifles Are One Shot Kills (From Disintigration).

1) Ammo is not unlimited
2) Each shot takes 10 of your ammo.
3) Ammo Pickups Contain 10 Shots
4 ) Max Ammo is 60
NOTE: Compression Rifles Can Shoot Through Anything (including armor)

• Grenade Launcher: Secondary Fire on Grenades shoots tripwire grenades (specialties).

• Unlike Gladiator your max limit of tripwires is 10 (like specialties). If you lay down more than 10 the first one you laid down will

• IMOD: Secondary Fire on IMOD is set in Rapid-Fire mode.

• Boots Powerup (HASTE): Along with increasing your speed now allows you to jump higher by decreasing the wearers gravity. (from specialties {infiltrator class})

• Seeker Drone: Now fires Scavenger Rifle Grenades (Alt Fire On Scavenger Weapon). As opposed to primary fire on scavenger weapon.

Freeze  & XFreeze

EF Freeze Tag is a port of the popular Quake 3 Freeze Tag 1.51b mod by Darrell “Doolittle” Bircsak. This mod is server-side only, so the download is only required to start a server. Any standard EF 1.20 client can join a server. Bots are supported. Note to server admins: Leave the vm folder and qagame.qvm files as is, you don’t want a .pk3 file if you run a server-side only EF mod!
Freeze Tag is similar to the EF elimination game. When you kill someone, their body is frozen. When all the members of one team are frozen, the other team gets a capture point and a new round starts. The first team to reach the capturelimit wins. You can thaw your frozen teammates by standing next to them for a specified period of time (default is 3 seconds). This will explode their frozen body and allow them to respawn. So unlike the EF elimination game, you can thaw your teammates and bring them back into the round.

Simple, right? The main goal is to freeze every member of the other team. Thaw your frozen teammates by standing near them. Try to prevent the other team from thawing their players.

Gameplay tips: When you are near a frozen teammate, you will hear a little ping (some sort of turret sound). Team chat will reveal your location in the map to your teammates. When you are frozen, use team chat to call someone to thaw you. Frozen players can spectate the action until they are thawed or the next round starts. You cannot switch teams when frozen- just chill and wait. View the scoreboard to see which players are or are not frozen. Be a good teammate. A good teammate will play for the team win and not individual stats. A good teammate will thaw unless it is too dangerous.

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