4 1/2 Years Later Trepidation Releases A New Development Build.

From the all new Trepidation Website @ http://trepidation.u7net.com/2011/12/19/trepidation-12-20-2011-download-now-available/:

After 4 1/2 years, I’ve finally spent my free time over the last several months building this site and getting Trepidation up to date with modern OSes.  You will find everything looks a lot better and sounds a lot better than previous development builds.   This is mostly a maintenance release, primarily to bring the engine up to date with a newer version of the IOQ3 Engine, as well as clean up a lot of problems that came up in the last dev build in 2007.  All of the master servers are up and running as well as several game servers in a few different datacenters.

Download The Latest Dev Build Now

The New Trepidation Homepage:  http://trepidation.u7net.com

Some additional thoughts from Shafe are on his blog: http://www.brian-shaffer.com/2011/12/25/the-open-source-game-experiment/

Trepidation is an open source first person shooter based on the IOQuake3 engine.  Trepidation was a project originally conceived on April 9, 2006 with the intent to build a free first person shooter with a sci-fi theme.  The idea was initially developed by members of the Star Trek Elite Force gaming community.  The project disbanded before the game was complete sometime in 2008.
The game includes:

  • 16 multiplayer levels (maps).  Many quake 3 maps have also been tested and work with the game.
  • An original soundtrack featuring 10 original tracks.
  • 6 Game Modes.
  • In game Voice Over IP Support (VOIP)
  • All New Weapons
  • Instagib Modifier Available On Most Game Modes.

The  Game Modes  included are :

A Team based game where the object is to destroy the other team’s power core Various defensive structures can be built to protect your base and achieve your goal. While this game employs strategy it is extremely fast paced and teamwork is a must.

You see them, you kill them.

Team Deathmatch:
Same as Deathmatch but your not solo.

Classic capture the flag action with the ability to build gun turrets (if enabled) to help defend your base.

A last man standing game mode similar to Elite Force’s Gladiator.

You get some select weapons, don’t lose them or your out.

For more details on the game-types see the Quick Start Guide.

The game will have ports for *nix, *BSD, Win32 and possibly an OSX port. OpenAL will be used for sound. Surround sound supported. AVI video capture of demos, Ogg Vorbis & MP3 support. Much improved QVM tools and a well documented SDK for mod authors. MinGW compilation support on Windows and cross-compilation on Linux, which is already included in the IOQ3 Project.

No official release was ever released, development builds where made public but not intended for tournament play.

– Reverted grenade launcher behaviour back to normal.
– Added in VOIP options to menus.
– Gauss rifle zoom is more responsive.
– LFO Rifle fire is now a soothing green instead of that non-descript white looking color.
– Gauss rifle unzooms when damage is taken and after you fire it.
– Fixed Missing player sounds.
– Replaced the Bot Skill Icons with something more sightly.
– Fixed CTF_AVERSION bot support by reverting it to working copy.
– Updated master server protocol, updated master server site.
– For windows, there is a separate EXE for the dedicated server now.
– 0000135: [Programming] Some Ogg Sounds are cut off. – Fixed (Shafe)
– 0000146: [Sound/Music] Missing sound in OA_RPG3DM2 – Fixed
– 0000139: [Programming] Gun Scope Still Active After Weapon Switch (Shafe) – Fixed
– 0000138: [Programming] Rifle Zoom Glitch (Shafe) – Fixed
– 0000092: [Programming] Bullet holes appear on the surface of the water. (Vincentk) – Fixed
– Due to the wary licensing issues mp3 support has been removed. This should only effect some Elite Force compatability, conversions should be fairly simple.
– Updated default configurations to enabled VOIP support by default as well as a few other needed changes.
– Inter-Quake Model support
– PNG format support for textures
– Anaglyph stereo rendering (for viewing with 3D glasses)
– In-engine VOIP support, with optional Mumble player-location support.
– Added in missing levelshots
– Fixed ctf_pyramide2 issues. Several Of them
– Removed a couple maps that didn’t fit in, they are now separate downloads.
– Fixed Skyboxes on various maps
– SDL and Ogg, Vorbis Windows Support
– updated master servers to working master servers.
– Updated game engine .
– Fixed many missing sounds

Download The Latest Dev Build Now

About Shafe

Brian Shaffer is a veteran programmer, programming professionally since 1991. His first gaming computer was a Commodore Vic-20 in the 80s. Shafe founded The Beer Garden on October 23, 2004 and continues to run and maintain it along with several members of the gaming community.