Urban Terror 4.2 Is Here!

Frozen Sand has announced the release of Urban Terror 4.2.

-You may also install your engine of choice.
-Not backwards compatible with previous versions of Urban Terror.
-No funstuff, for now anyway, it was causing lots of problems.
-Urban Terror 4.2 should not be confused with Urban Terror HD.
– new hit detection
– new character 3rd person animations
– new game mode: Last Man Standing (LMS) g_gametype 1
– new Authentication system
– new demo format ( .urtdemo )
– new Auto-Updater for the game
– updated the maps Casa, Mandolin, Kingpin and Kingdom
– new maps: Raiders, Cascade, Bohemia
– bugfix #83 – “Follow The Leader bug, a subbed player can be chosen as a leader”
– bugfix #165. “Server Listing – Misrepresented Gametypes Error”
– bugfix #183. “Allowed Voting – Load up Time Dependency”
– bugfix #116. “Mini map – Subbed players seeing Active Players”
– bugfix #188. “Dropping nades/Going to Spectator”
– bugfix #249. “Ready Command/ Role Swap Command Discontinuity.”
– potentially fixed “999’ers hold up the game in TS”
– colour tags don’t shorten maximum server host name in server browser.
– fixed breathing sound when the game is paused
– stamina regeneration frozen when the game is paused
– fixed hotpotato time after a pause
– sr8 drop exploit fixed
– voting rcon exploit fixed
– weapon reloading/switching bug fixed
– going on a ladder with an armed nade will now put the pin back in
– enable booting when bomb held
– no throwing last knife
– fixed g_teamautojoin when going to spectator
– callvote kick/clientkick now enforces a reason as an additional argument
– reload button to cycle backwards in spectator mode
– fix for the masters
– locked r_intensity, cg_physics and r_smp
– demo automatically starts recording when joining a game that has already started (with g_matchmode 1 and cg_autoRecordMatch 1)
– you can “steal” the captain status when his connection is interrupted
– when a team mate requests a medic his name flashes on the mini scoreboard
– demo stops recording at the end of a map (with g_matchmode 1 and cg_autoRecordMatch 1)
– added cg_drawKillLog 0/1/2 (0 = no kill log ; 1 = old log like in 4.1 ; 2 = new log: player 1 [Weapon] player 2)
– added g_ctfUnsubWait, if set to 1 someone who unsub in wave CTF mode will wait the next wave to spawn
– added /rcon smite <player> command, instantly kill a player
– added /forcesub command (for captains in match mode), force a player of our team to become a substitute
– added g_allowChat 3 – allow only the captains to talk during a match (only when both teams are ready)
– added cg_demoFov, it allows to change the fov from 70 to 140 when watching a demo
– updated the UI
– updated the cfg files
– fixed team mate healbar with short names (eg. a dot)
– callvotes are now logged in the server logs
– selective weapon/item pickup (+button7) (see README-cg_autoPickup)
– increased the maximum number of demos
– fixed weapon selection bug where the last weapon chosen was disappearing when selecting a team
– fixed map arrows size on big maps
– fixed the hands when holding a G36
– now draw the name of the guy who planted the bomb
– the SPAS has now 8 bullets instead of 6
– Download percentage overflow fixed.
– Fixed throwing nade/switching weapon bug.
– Locked cl_guidServerUniq.
– Disabled radio binds for muted players.
– Radio binds are now logged server-side.
– Added server filters for passworded servers and servers with the Authentication activated.
– Hot potato are now logged server-side.
– Callvotes and votes are now logged server-side.

Head over to their download page and grab it up @ http://www.urbanterror.info/downloads/

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