Trepidation Development Starts Again

72   The 9 year old first person shooter project, Trepidation has released a new a development build which gets the game up to date with new master servers and new official game servers.  The new development release includes binaries for windows and linux.  The project is seeking members to contribute.  The original development disbanded in late 2008.  In 2011, the project got a new release bringing the game engine up to modern standards.   There is a lot of work happening on the code side (github link) and it looks like some welcome new features, such as randomized map rotations, new game modes and a single player campaign in the planning.

Below are some screenshots as well as the 2011 video released on the previous update.

Check out the new Trepidation game and site at


trep49 trep29 trep9 72

Trepidation game and site at


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