Elite Force: Freeze 4 All Mod

F4A is the continuation of my Freeze For All mod. This mod started out as a simple FFA version of Darrell "Doolittle" Bircsak's Freeze Tag. It has evolved into a highly configurable and full featured mod. This mod runs server-side only, so any standard client can join the game. There is now a toggle for player freezing. This means you can use this mod to play standard base gametypes and still enjoy many of the advanced features.
Universal Features

Some universal features in the mod are:
control over all spawning weapons, ammo, items, and powerups
control over starting weapons including ammo
control over starting armor
map item replacement system
real-time stats with sprees
damageable/movable items
chat filtering
locational damage
custom server-side warmup option
improved compatibility with many stat programs
instagib (Q3)
holographic decoys (Q3)
bouncing rails & plasma (Q3)
rail jumping (Q3)
sticky grenades (Q3)
Freeze Tag Features

Some freeze tag features in the mod are:
control over thaw times and thaw scoring
autothaw timers
weapon thawing option
FFA with Survivor or Last Man Standing modes
improved CTF scoring


License: None

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Downloads: 98426
Version: 1.01
File Size: 194.06 MB
Platform: None

Publisher: L7
Author Homepage: L7's Page
Uploaded On: 0000-00-00

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About the Author

Brian Shaffer is a veteran programmer, programming professionally since 1991. His first gaming computer was a Commodore Vic-20 in the 80s. Shafe founded The Beer Garden on October 23, 2004 and continues to run and maintain it along with several members of the gaming community.