World Of Padman 1.6 Patch

The newest release of World of Padman is finally upon us! World of Padman (also known as WoP) is a colorful, cartoon-esque shooter based on the fictional universe of Padman. It's in three flavors: Linux, Windows and OSX. You can download it from their website or from Desura, a Steam-like client catering to independent games and mods.

So what's new in 1.6? Let's take a look!
New map oregano4's Plane added
New PaddyBell player skins BadPaddy and PaddyBee added
New high quality ambient sound samples added
Quick info support feature for menu items added
New special icons for important game objects added
Few changes to weapon and item balance made
Bots navigation and game play behaviour improved
Issues with placing Bambam in solid brushes fixed

The 1.6 is currently a patch only do you'll need to download the 1.5 version and the patch if you're doing a new install. If you've updated any 1.5x version just download and apply the patch. It's that easy!


License: None

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Downloads: 607
Version: 1.6
File Size: MB
Platform: Windows/Linux/MAc

Publisher: WoP
Author Homepage: World Of Padman
Uploaded On: 2011-12-22

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