SuperFFA v3.0.0 Dev Build

This is a development build so it's not well documented. Most of what is in this changelog seems to be working at the moment.

When SFFA 3.0 is finished everything will be documented correctly.

If you run into bugs submit them @

See the 2.0 readme for installation and upgrade instructions.

======= New Stuff That Works In This Build ======================

- Added sffa_SuppressAmmo - If set to 1 ammo will not spawn on the map (useful with regenerative ammo).

- Added sffa_SuppressWeapons - If set to 1 weapons will not spawn on the map. useful with sffa_startwX (below).

- Added sffa_usemotd to enable the message of the day. The message of the day is displayed in the console and in the center of the screen whenever someone enters the game.
it can be up to 4 lines and is set with the following cvars:
sffa_motd1 "Whatver" - Line 1
sffa_motd2 "Whatver" - Line 2
sffa_motd3 "Whatver" - Line 3
sffa_motd4 "Whatver" - Line 4

- sffa_RegenHealth works a bit differently now. 0 is off. any other number will specify how much health to add every second.

- sffa_RegenAmmo works a bit differently now. 0 is off. any other number will specify how much ammo to add every second.

- Bots can now photon jump.

- Bots can now use dets

- Added Super FFA Spawn Item Cvars. Setting any of these to 1 will cause players to immediately to spawn with that weapon (or weapons) // Weapons 1 thru 9
sffa_startw1 - Phaser
sffa_startw2 - Compression Rifle
sffa_startw3 - Imod
sffa_startw4 - Scavenger
sffa_startw5 - Stasis
sffa_startw6 - Grenade Launcher
sffa_startw7 - Tetrion
sffa_startw8 - Photon
sffa_startw9 - Arc

- Added sffa_phaserpower which set the damage of the phaser- 1 is normal 2 is twice as powerful and so on.

- Added new vector math allows for trench jumping with the 1.37 patch.

- Voting now Works... So if you enable map votes and someone votes for a map or nextmap it will not break the map rotation.

- Added in sffa_photonbounce (not yet working right)

- Added in sffa_lineargrenades - If enabled grenades fire without being affected by gravity.. This is somewhat interesting.

- Added in sffa_impactgrenades - If enabled grenades explode when they impact something.. making them very useful.

- Added in sffa_multijump - jump while in midair.. and you can jump again.. getting some good height

- Added in sffa_jumpmultipler cvar to multiply your jump velocity.. set to 2 to jump twice as high.. 3 for 3 times as high.. etc.


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Uploaded On: 2012-01-28

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About the Author

Brian Shaffer is a veteran programmer, programming professionally since 1991. His first gaming computer was a Commodore Vic-20 in the 80s. Shafe founded The Beer Garden on October 23, 2004 and continues to run and maintain it along with several members of the gaming community.