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Build Date: 07-24-2004

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Adapted From L7's Elite Force Port of Freeze Tag.
Mod By Shafe

Freeze Tag is similar to the EF elimination game. When you kill someone, their body is frozen. When all the members of one team are frozen, the other team gets a capture point and a new round starts. The first team to reach the capturelimit wins. You can thaw your frozen teammates by standing next to them for a specified period of time (default is 3 seconds). This will explode their frozen body and allow them to respawn. So unlike the EF elimination game, you can thaw your teammates and bring them back into the round.

Simple, right? The main goal is to freeze every member of the other team. Thaw your frozen teammates by standing near them. Try to prevent the other team from thawing their players.

Gameplay tips:

When you are near a frozen teammate, you will hear a little ping (some sort of turret sound). Team chat will reveal your location in the map to your teammates. When you are frozen, use team chat to call someone to thaw you. Frozen players can spectate the action until they are thawed or the next round starts. You cannot switch teams when frozen- just chill and wait. View the scoreboard to see which players are or are not frozen. Be a good teammate. A good teammate will play for the team win and not individual stats. A good teammate will thaw unless it is too dangerous.

Other Features:

* Vector Math Cvar so that Physics work with v1.37 patched servers.
* Headshots. can only be made with the Imod, both regular and alt-fire will work. A headshot is worth 2 points and will instantly kill the target.
* Ballshots, hitting someone in the crouch constitutes a ballshot. Again this can only be done with the imod. This will take an instant 25 health off of the victim. And the victim will not be able to move as fast until they are killed and respawn. It is possible to hit a victim with a ballshot, have them refresh their health and hit them again until they slow so they cant move anymore, making them an easy target.
* By default thawing a team-mate is now worth 2 points, so make sure you thaw your team!
* Multi-Jump is jumping and hitting the jump key again to get an extra mid air jump.
* Pogo-Jumping.. To pogo jump hold the jump button down while falling, you will spring back up with almost as much velocity as you hit the ground with.
* Added in Killing and Dying Spree Messages.
* Added in Some Stats at the completion of each map such as Most thaws, most deaths, most sprees, etc.
* Created some stuff to stop that annoying cry.. TEAMS! (see teambalance command)
* Added some more clever sayings when a person is thawed. :)
* Changed the time that disallows team changes to 10 seconds.
* Can now vote to mute/unmute someone
* Can Disable/Enable map votes, kick votes, and mute votes separately.
* Specify if you want tripwire mines or regular grenade mines. (from sffa)
* Rapid Fire Option (from sffa)
* Optional Background music (from sffa)

- Bots Will No Longer Crash A PW Protected Server
- Force Fields no longer will extend higher than they should..
- Fixed Voting, Voting on Maps no longer upsets the map rotation.
- Fixed the thaw explosion FX on some maps (thx [EVIL]XcyTng! )
- Fixed The maximum number of votes you may call in the original code.. it now works.. and added in a cvar to let you adjust that number.
- Created a cvar that disables the annoying long weapon respawn times in Team DM.
- The "spec-frag" bug has been fixed.
- Part of the spec frag bug was a bug also caused those transporter 'tornados' that just lingered around.
- Fixed some known voting exploits/hacks that allowed people to rig votes

Freeze is a great mod written for quake 3 by Darrell "Doolittle" Bircsa. It was ported to Elite Force by L7 along with the source code, but unfortunately L7 doesn't play EF.

My Clan at the time ([EVIL]) decided to run a freeze server and it became quite popular, unfortunately several bugs where found so I set out to fix them. I'm slowly working through the bugs and have added most all the functionality of the EFAdmin mod (above).

L7 Moved and and Abandoned the original port or freeze and created a freeze tag variant called Freeze4All. This is a kick ass mod, but I still prefered the original port of Freeze Tag, which is no where to be found anymore.

I continued to fix bugs and add in what I consider improvements...

Note: A lot of this ReadMe is directly from the Original Freeze Readme.

If you are already using an earlier version of xfreeze, you can simply replace the pk3 files file located in your /xfreeze/vm folder with the one(s) in this archive.

Extract this zip file to your main ST Voyager folder. If done correctly it will automatcally create a /xfreeze/vm/ folder *OR* you can manually place the files in the correct places. To do this create a folder off of your main Elite Force directory (NOT YOUR BaseEF) called xfreeze.
Inside this directory create a folder called 'vm' and copy the QAGAME.QVM file into it.

The path would look something like this:

On linux it would look something like:

Add the following to your server startup command line.
+set fs_game xfreeze +exec MyConfigFile.cfg

Included in the zip file is an example configuration file called xfreeze.cfg. You may modify this file to meet your needs.


g_UseIOSTVEF (0/1)
If your using the 1.37 Patch you should set this to 1 to ensure physics behave as they did in 1.2.

if set to 1 force fields kill. (not implemented in this beta)

Defaults to 0. If set to 1 Players will be able to spectate the opposing team while frozen.

when set to 1 allows Multi jumping. This is where you can hit jump again in mid air and get additional air.
You can do this up to the number of times specified by g_numMultiJump.

When g_MultiJump is enabled, this cvar specifies how many times a player can multijump.

The server admin can adjust the velocity to which one jumps.. Meaning if the jump multiplier is set to 2, you'll jump twice as high, this is a blast.

g_PogoJump (0/1)
This is a silly one. If enabled To pogo jump hold the jump button down while falling, you will spring back up really high.

g_Headshots (0/1)
If Enabled this will allow imods to instantly kill if opponent is hit in the head.

g_Ballshots (0/1)
Heh.. More locational damage... nevermind

Default is 3. Defines how many times one person may call a vote.
The original hardcoded value for EF was 3 but this never worked in the actual game.

If voting is enabled, this allows players to vote to mute a person
0 - Mute Voting Disabled
1 - Mute Voting Enabled

If voting is enabled, this allows players to vote for map changes.
This screws up rotations.
0 - Map Voting Disabled
1 - Map Voting Enabled

If voting is enabled, this allows players to vote to kick a person
0 - Kick Voting Disabled
1 - Kick Voting Enabled

If voting is enabled, this allows players to vote to execute the BALANCETEAMS command.
0 - Disabled
1 - Enabled

Disables the annoying slow adaptive weapon respawn in team holomatch games
weapon respawn becomes controlled by g_weaponrespawntime.
0 - Do Nothing.. Keep EF's Annoying Weapon Respawn
1 - Disable EF's Internal THM Adaptive Weapon Respawn Time

This will determine a player's starting armor for the initial spawn and after every respawn. Set it to the value that you want to use.

g_wpflags "0"
This will determine a player's starting weapons. Use the table below and add the numbers of only the weapons you want players to start and respawn with. Use that total. Example: you want players to start with the I-MOD and the Arc Welder. Look at the table below. I-MOD = 4 and Arc Welder = 256. Their total is 260. Set g_wpflags to 260 in your server config, and players will start with the I-MOD and the Arc Welder.

Phaser 1
Compression Rifle 2
Scavenger Rifle 8
Stasis Weapon 16
Grenade Launcher 32
Pulse Disruptor 64
Photon Burst 128
Arc Welder 256

g_itlimit "0"
This will control the spawning of items during the game. Naturally, if items don't spawn, players cannot pick them up and use them during the game. Use the table below and add the numbers of only the items you want to prevent from spawning. Use that total.

Shield Boost 1
Personal Deflector 2
Isokinetic Deflector 4
Booster Hypospray 8
Emergency Hypospray 16
Personal Transporter 32
Portable Medkit 64
Holdable Detpack 128
Portable Force Field 256
Holographic Decoy 512

g_pwlimit "0"
This will control the spawning of powerups during the game. Naturally, if powerups don't spawn, players cannot pick them up and use them during the game. Use the table below and add the numbers of only the powerups you want to prevent from spawning. Use that total.

Quantum 1
Shielding 2
Accelerator 4
Cloaking 8
Regeneration 16
Anti-Gravity 32
Seeker Drone 64

The following variables can be set to determine a player's starting ammo for weapons that are included in g_wpflags. Change the values to the amount of starting ammo you want to assign.

compression "32"
imod "15"
scavenger "30"
stasis "15"
grenades "10"
pulse "40"
burst "20"
welder "40"

g_thawTime "1"
This will determine the amount of time in seconds a player must stand near a frozen teammate to thaw them. Set it to "0" to disable standard thawing. The higher this is set, the more difficult standard thawing will be.

g_thawBonus "1"
This will determine the point bonus for thawing a frozen player. Default is 1. Set it to "0" to eliminate this bonus.

g_thawPenalty "0"
This will determine the point penalty for being thawed. Default is 0. Set it higher if you want to penalize players for getting thawed.

g_showThawBonus "0"
This will toggle the display of the thaw bonus in the "You thawed" messages sent to clients. Set it to "1" to enable the thaw bonus displays on the server. This setting has informational value, but requires another line of screen space. If you are using a g_thawBonus other than "1", it is probably better to display it to your clients.

g_showThawPenalty "0"
This will toggle the display of the thaw penalty in the "thawed you" messages sent to clients. Set it to "1" to enable the thaw penalty displays on the server. This setting has informational value, but requires another line of screen space. If you are using a g_thawPenalty other than "0", it is probably better to display it to your clients.

g_TeamBonus "1"
This will toggle Team Bonuses. A Team bonus is when you manage to freeze all the members of the other team. During the time that the other team is frozen each member of your team will accure points.

g_BonusAmount "5"
If Team Bonuses are enabled this is the number of points a team gets for freezing the opposing team. This isnt # of captures!

g_maxAutoThaw "20"
This is the maximum Auto Thaw time. Autothaw time is normally decided by the number of players on the server (# of players X 2) = Auto-Thaw Number of Seconds. g_maxAutoThaw determines the maximum auto thaw time.

dmflags "0"
This is deathmatch flags. It works the same as the original Quake 3 Freeze Tag mod. Use the table below and add the numbers of only the flags you want to enable on the server. Use that total.


NO FALLING will disable falling damage. FIXED FIELD OF VIEW will prevent clients from using the "fish-eye" types of views. NO ITEM RESET means that when a team wins a round, all the living players will not have their health and weapon ammo reset. This would leave them at a disadvantage as the entire enemy team will be coming in fresh. NO TEAM RESET means that when a round is won, only the losing team will be unfrozen. The winning team still may have a few people that are frozen and that need to be saved. This will also leave the winning team at a disadvantage. WEAPONS STAY means there is no waiting for weapons to respawn in a map; they are always available.

The rest of the server config is standard. There are many other standard EF/Q3 server variables that should be carefully set in the config. Check the Internet for info on any additional settings. There are a lot of helpful sites for new server administrators. Use the included freeze.config as a template, and experiment with the settings to find a good style of play.

RCON Commands

mute <player>
disables the display of chat messages from given player. You may use the players name or client number. All Color Codes are ignored.

unmute <player>
enables the display of chat messages from given player. You may use the players name or client number. All Color Codes are ignored.

timeout <player>
Puts a disruptive player in timeout (spectator mode) and wont let them re-join for
30 seconds. You may use the players name or client number. All Color Codes are ignored.

If a team has 2 or more players then the opposing team, this command will look for people with 0 points first, then pick someone at random to move to the team with fewer players.

g_say "<<message>>"
Displays Message in middle of screen to all players

An alternative to the internal status command. There are problems with the internal status command when there are a lot of players on a server. You'll find that the status command only gives you a partial listing of the players due to the internal buffer size limitation in the quake III engine. This command will offer you all the status information regardless of how many players are in the server. This also evades an exploit in the internal status command that allows players NOT to be listed by changing their name to an odd combination of ASCII CHAR codes.

kicks all bots on the server.

- Added in g_AllowSpec cvar.
- Can no longer spec players on the opposing team.
- Force Fields are a bit more useful. Taking 3 shots to knock em down.
- Force Fields Cannot Be shot down by your own team.
- Seekers now shoot alt-photons
- Quads, Armor, Medkits and other relevant powerups are available during gameplay.
- Added Support For Team Holomatch
- Added in g_KillerFF (1/0) cvar to make force fields kill on touching (they do not freeze a player though)
- Bot_Minplayers now kicks bots by client number instead of bot name. This way if a bot name jurot is kicked, players with the same name will not be kicked.
- Invisible Player Bug Fix From EFAdmin Added In
- Team Bonus is not granted when Waiting for players.


xFreeze Adapted By Shafe

Thanks go out to:
[EVIL]Hawkerstone for the logo.
L7 and his Original EF Freeze Port From Which This Was Based.

Darrell "Doolittle" Bircsak
Freeze Tag 1.51b

Freeze Tag is a very popular Quake 3 mod. A lot of the original code was used and is intact. Without Darrell's original code, I wouldn't have been able to make this mod. Obviously, some code had to be changed for EF, and I added my own tweaks based on my preferences. A lot of new functions and variables were added to allow server admins a greater degree of control.
Invisible forcefield fix, g_say fixes [EVIL]XcyTng
Mute/Unmute from L7's Port Of Freeze (mute command based on code from fQuake 3 MatchMod. Check out MatchMod, it gives a lot of options to server admins.) MatchMod -
Chat Filtering adapted from the Quake 3 Q3AS mod.
Portions from my From EFAdmin Mod (Elite Force Administration Mod)


License: None

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Brian Shaffer is a veteran programmer, programming professionally since 1991. His first gaming computer was a Commodore Vic-20 in the 80s. Shafe founded The Beer Garden on October 23, 2004 and continues to run and maintain it along with several members of the gaming community.