Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Holomatch (Windows)

UPDATED 12-2006 fixed some corrupted map pk3s

The legality of this one is questionable. However, as it cant be found in stores anymore, here is the full version of the Multiplayer side of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.

This ought to save anyone new to the game or reinstalling a lot of hassle, patching, installing the XP, Downloading basic maps, looking up the brightness fix, etc etc..

If you want to get someone playing.. this is the file.. Install And Go.. Nothing else to it.

- Patched up to 1.20
- Expansion Pack Included.
- Includes A Generic autoexec.cfg with some basic stuff everyone always needs like com_maxfps 76, the win xp brightness fix and updated master server backups.
- Includes maps that run on most servers, like dangercity, faceoff, spyglass, the raven map packs and some others.. like 70mb\'s of maps actually..
- Includes a copy of pathfinder which also gets installed into the start menu.

It has a cdkey file included in the archive, however it still asks you for a cd key.. You can always say you want to enter it later and you\'ll be fine.. but just in case a CD Key is included in the readme.

Elite Force no longer checks CD Keys for online play.

The point of this file is something to give to people and get them in the game without a lot of hassle... like I said.. install and go..

Single player is not included.


License: None

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Downloads: 98426
Version: 1.2
File Size: 682617.19 MB
Platform: Windows

Publisher: NA
Author Homepage: NA
Uploaded On: 0000-00-00

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